People try to catch Pokémon to upgrade their level in the game. There are also some Pokémon that are easy to catch but there are also some powerful Unique Pokémon that are difficult to catch. People like Pokémon go very much so they also want to know that what Pokémon is best for play a battle and fight. In this list there are top 10 Pokémon that are most powerful and hard to catch. These Pokémon are also very unique and hard to find.

10 unique Pokemon that are hard to catch and find

The popularity of this game among mobile users is increasing day by day so that it will soon flood the absolutely all smartphones and tablets. Pokémon Go developers have created a unique game, in which the Pokémon universe is bordered to the real world and it\’s really impressive. So, in Pokémon Go there as a non-unique Pokémon that can be found anywhere and at any time (not while making little effort), and rare little animals, for which it is necessary to go almost to the other end of the city, Rare creatures most players are going collection, but few of them know that the VIP-Pokémon also give a lot of advantages in the game. Despite the fact that the game is completely new, the main habitat and habits of the rare Pokémon are already known, which is today, and we\’ll talk. Download game Pokémon Go here and watch guide on the game Pokémon GO

Just note that the term Unique Pokémon has no clear boundaries. Places. The mechanics of the game Pokémon Go is designed so that each type of these creatures has a certain habitat – some can only be found in a river or pond, others you will only find near the city center. Therefore, the same Pokémon can be in one place unique in the other – to meet at every step.

Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the rarest and legendary Pokémon, founded thanks to 25,000 guest’s players with different parts of our planet. Thanks to the players, it became clear which of the virtual creatures are much less likely to become wards of coach.


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