Top 10 creatures has been listed for Ugliest animal or bird of the World. Every creature have its uniqueness but human eyes always find perfection and who didn’t want to look perfect. Anyhow we got Top 10 list of most ugliest creatures in this living World.

Horseshoe Bat : Top 10 Ugliest Creatures in the world

Horseshoe Bat - Ugliest Creatures of the World

Horseshoe Bat qualified for number 1 in Most ugliest creatures of the world. Horseshoe Bat Belongs to the bat family Rhinolophidae, All horseshoe bats have leaf-like horseshoe shaped protuberances on their noses.

The females have a pair of mammary glands and two “FALSE NIPLES” above and to the side of the genital opening, to which newborn bats cling for a few days after birth.

In several opinions, this creature is the mixture of horse and bat and very scary if anyone just face this creature. Especially in dark Horseshoe Bat look very scary or a flying kind of bat monster.


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