September seventh is that the Day

iPhone 7

Properly speaking we tend to still don’t grasp, however Apple has invited a selected list of the world’s press to an occasion next week on September seventh. We tend to can’t make sure, however it’s a sport certainty that the iPhone 7 and also the iPhone 7 and ar about to get on show on Wednesday. Perhaps the Apple Watch two can be part of them?

Tim Cook’s job this September are to sell the iPhone 7 as one thing that’s new and exciting, whereas hoping that the world’s press won’t target the actual fact that a lot of the iPhone 7 technology is already gift in alternative handsets – Huawei debuted a dual-lens cameras earlier this year, and changes like a rise in base storage, a bigger lens system and improved antenna placement are very little over repetitious updates.

Expect this launch to be full of repetitious updates ‘that solely Apple will deliver‘.


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