Killing the earphone jack

iPhone 7 new features

One of the foremost arguable selections has been to get rid of the earphone jack, instead shipping the phone with a try of Lightning Ear Pods – that connect through the charging port – and wireless Apple Air Pods, battery-powered by a W1 chip.

Infared sensors sight once every pod is in your ear and motion sensors management the headphones to use Siri and sight your voice.

A participant wears the Apple AirPods CREDIT: REUTERS

The AirPods offer 5 hours of listening that, with the compact charging case, delivers twenty four hours of total battery life.

Apple has round-faced opposition over changes before, like once it introduced the lightning connecter with the iPhone five in 2012. Apple will provide Associate in Nursing adapter that permits ancient headphones to still plug into the iPhone, however it’ll not afford charging at identical time.

The pods will hook up with Apple watches, laptops and iPads.

iPhone 7 new features

Beats have conjointly free 2 versions of wireless headphones for the iPhone 7 models.


The iPhone 7 will go with stereo speakers for the primary time, with speakers currently placed at the highest and bottom of the device.


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