Galaxy S7 Edge style

Galaxy S7 Edge

Holy moly… this phone is unbelievable. Samsung has really managed to out-Apple Apple which I mean that quite seriously, since there square measure obvious vogue components that Samsung borrowed from the iPhone.

The Galaxy S7 edge is well the foremost sleek, modern and solid smartphone that has ever been free. Samsung’s recent phones felt like low value junk to be completely honest, but the S7 edge is in an exceedingly} very completely altogether completely different league.

Beyond everything else, my favorite issue regarding the phone’s vogue is that the indisputable fact that Samsung has managed to create a phablet with AN outsize 5.5-inch show that’s so comfortable to use with one hand. The slender bezels and rounded back look and feel terrific, and thus the phone is way plenty of compact than Apple’s iPhone 6s and, that to boot choices a 5.5-inch screen.


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