Galaxy S7 Edge Expandable memory

Galaxy S7 Edge

Last but ne’er least is microSDXC support. Whereas Apple is doing its bottom line a service by omitting a memory card slot from its phones and giving a vast storage jump from very cheap model to the mid-range tier, it’s not AN awfully consumer-friendly because of do things.

Samsung exclusively sells the Galaxy S7 edge with 32GB of internal storage, but you’ll be ready to a vast 200GB microSD card for $79.99 and instantly have far more space than any iPhone will provide.

You’ll to boot save money at intervals the process: AN $80 memory card bring the price of a Galaxy S7 edge with 232GB of storage to $860. Meanwhile a 128GB iPhone 6s and costs $950.

Galaxy S7 Edge Most useless feature: the sting

Funny enough, the reason Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge is termed the “Galaxy S7 edge” is to boot its most pointless feature: wiggly edges on the front.

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