10. Gafsa Lake, Tunisia

10 Strange Lakes From all over the World

In 10 Strange Lakes from all over the World Pretty ahead of time in life, most folks learn that things don’t simply seem out of thin air. Apparently, City Lake in Republic of Tunisia ne’er got the memorandum. In some unspecified time in the future in 2014, a gaggle of Tunisian shepherds were creating their thanks to a well-known patch of land. Imagine their surprise after they got there and located an enormous freak in’ lake wherever their grassland accustomed be. A lake that simply happened to be the most-inviting shade of azure.

Gafsa is a section that has seen a lot of mining in its past, abundant of it unregulated. Scientists assume that some rupture within the rock on top of the formation resulted within the unexpected look of Lake City, as below-ground water was sucked up onto the surface. Regardless of the cause, it happened quickly. One native resident aforementioned he’d passed the remote space solely 3 weeks beforehand and it had been dry as a bone.


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